a love note disguised as a a book review disguised as an apology

sometimes when i don't keep up with my daily writing practice, city employees become the recipients of some real stream of conscious gems. enjoy! (transcript below)


dear library,

let me start off by saying i love you. truly. like, more than the internet. you've brought me such joy and fulfillment and a bevy of other emotions over the past 10 years here in seattle. i can't imagine a life without you. well, yes, actually, i can. it would be bleak. which is why it pains me to be the bearer of the following news: i totally fucked up one of your books. unintentionally. it was on the bottom of the stack of books on my floor in the corner of the room that is dedicated to stacks of books from the library and it just so happens to be real close to the window i left open when i went out of town for two weeks which made it impossible for me to a) realize it was raining and b) close the window in response to such rain. as a result, i came home to a rain stained floor and a wet book. no book should be left in the rain. not event the atheist's guide to reality. which, truth be told, i had only gotten a few pages in and was only mildly committed to finishing but renewed (it) anyways just in case my interest/curiosity in atheism outweighed how wrong of a way the author's voice rubbed me. along with loving the library, i love god/the universe/the great mystery/spirituality and am fascinated by other peoples view points and beliefs/non-beliefs and really wanna how how their brains work but alex rosenberg (the author) is really making it difficult to get past the first chapter and even with all that i'm bummed that this hard back incurred the damage it did on my watch. i will do my best not to let that happen again.

acts of god notwithstanding.

do let me know what i can do to remedy this/make up for it, be it in service hours or monetary compensation or whatever else you dream up.

ok, so it's just a little water damage. still, i thought you should know.

i can be reached several ways . . . .