this is an excerpt from my yet to be written book: THE VENUSIAN

let it be known that I, Pat Dry, Science Officer of Veneria 3, the 5 personed space mission to Venus, did not die on Venus. there was a wind storm, my crew left me for dead, I would have done the same, it was not their fault, and to them I have but one thing to say – thank you. sorry it's taken so long for me to contact you via this broken com system that I ingeniously fixed by the power of my own wit and engineering skills, but i've been busy.

turns out this planet is in fact presently inhabited by an ancient civilization. of tall beautiful alien women. i've befriended them. all of them. as a representative of planet Earth, I am doing all I can to learn their customs.

at this point, my only chance to get back to Earth is to meet up with the Veneria 4 mission in a couple years time. And to that I say, take your time.

60sec max, Annex Theater, 11/06/15