sympathetic burrito eating

after more than a half year long status update hiatus, i have this to report:

yesterday i came to the realization that: ya know, dental work would be really not all half bad were it not for the soft parts. specifically my lips and my gums. as the dentist was wrapping up her work she casually noted, 'oh hey, we nicked your lip during the procedure,  those discs sure are sharp! heh heh. . uh. . . you might be in pain for the next few days.' 

'uh, that's ok,' i said. followed by a, 'and by that i mean, i'll be fine.' and shrugged it off with a half slack faced bravado smile. 

and i was. 

several minutes later, i tasted blood.

and was still fine.

several hours later, the novicane wore off. 

which, interestingly enough, synched up with the plummeting of the blood sugar in my system. 

factiod: being hungry and having your mouth hurt to the point of not wanting to put anything into your mouth is some cruel joke. it's kinda like, well, being hungry and having your mouth hurt. mere similes will not suffice in this situation. it was all i could do from falling into some kind of weepy tailspin piloted by the honorable hangry mchangerson III.

and then i remembered this: the goddess invented smoothies. and little colorful plastic tubes, sometimes called (say it with me now) 'straws', that allow precious tasty liquid to not only bypass the ouchie bits in one's mouth, but french kiss the sweet taste receptors on one's tongue on it's way to filling one's soft innards with said nutrients. at that point, my world was restored. 

and tonight i shall enjoy another peaceful night of sleep knowing that, due to the immeasurable genius of the goddess, i will be fully healed by tomorrow, day of satur, just in time for me to fully participate in semi-cross country sympathetic burrito eating. my dear sister runs the chicago marathon this sunday and i shall show my full support by preparing as she prepares (gastronomically speaking): by ingesting a very large burrito the night before and falling asleep at like 9:30pm (central standard time).

wish me luck. er, her. . . wish her luck. . . us. . . join me?