Slide Show Presentations

In 2006 I started a body of work called Slide Show Presentations, live readings of original narrated stories (from fiction to quasi-autobiographical, prose to free verse) accompanied by found 35mm film slides projected onto a screen. The formality of the presentational format is humanized by the live performance. The attention paid to timing and correlation between the images and the text serve to bring new depth to the story and new life to the photo slides. The end result is a layered narrative performance that is poignant, thoughtful and humorous.

Currently, and with the support of Jack Straw Cultural Center's Artist Support Program, I'm working on archiving all of them (there are 10) in video format. In the meantime, you can check out the videos below. 

Margarine in the Dark

2008 | 12MM | On the Boards

This the story of Margery Anne Eloise Von Strauss (no relation). A story of memory, forbidden love, and brazil nuts; the tragic loss of, the undeniable beauty of, and the side effects of.

This way please.

The Affection Convection

2012 | Extraordinary in the Everyday | Fremont Abbey

This is about a girl.

A girl with a squirrel.