I have been playing solo music for a number of years now, mostly for personal disport, mostly in my bedroom with my bare-bones set up: a mic, a guitar, a loop pedal, a small amp. One particular function of the pedal is that it can store what you create, all the layers of beats, melodies, voice preserved for the next time you come to play. But the space is limited. For the longest time I kept A or B'ing which song I would keep, which I could let go of until finally I decided to just let go of them all. Create for creation's sake and adopt the practice of laying down a song knowing full well that it would disappear once the pedal was turned off. A practice in letting go. Artistic character building. I highly recommend it.

I did not delete these particular tracks as I went, rather, I recorded them, edited them on my laptop. One for every day in the month of March, 2017. But the ephemeral quality of the native praxis remains - I didn't write any of the score down so there's no reasonable way to recreate the tracks live. They live preserved in the recording, moments in time to be revisited. Or mined for soundtracks in other projects. Or shared with others. Enjoy. And beware the self-indulgent nature of track 13.

photo by Forrest Bourke