easter eggs

not sure when it began exactly, but i sat down to sketch one day, found myself frustrated at my inability to render on paper an exact replica of whatever it was i was looking at, then decided I NEED SOMETHING EASY TO DRAW. so i drew a circle. it came out looking like an egg. so i decorated it. and then it became a thing i returned to, abstractedly chronicling my days in easter egg form.

i like going back and trying to guess what my day was like. part of the reason behind the abstraction is to distance myself from the events that took place. not in a severing kind of way, but in a step back and get some perspective kind of way. i don’t remember anything from most of these days, so as an actual documenter of events, this journal style fails miserably. but i do get a certain joy out of looking at them. it’s like rewriting my history, distilling happenings down to just fun colors and neat patterns. the more i do it, the more it reminds me that i don’t need hindsight to view my day in that particular way; that no matter what happens, if i chose to see it as transposed shapes and hues parameterized by an oval shape, my day is pretty alright. 


and then in fall of 2016 i finished a 26 page coloring book zine called


if you’d like a copy, let me know.