a solo journey into the desert in search of god, self, happiness.

drugs were involved.


ilvs strauss - she/her - Writer, Performer, Sound and Video Design

Lynne Ellis - She/Her - Lighting Designer

Shay Trusty - They/Them - Stage Manager

Jennifer Crooks - She/Her - Directorial Guidance

Loren Othon - She/Her - Photographer, Videographer

Sarah Marsh - She/Her - Video Crew

Randall Philips - He/Him - Graphic Designer


Everything spoken live on stage is either inspired by or directly pulled from writing in the notebook I kept while I was high.


This piece was made possible by the Intiman Emerging Artist Program, Velocity Dance Center's Creative Residency Program. All the music in the piece can be found on Soundcloud under 'ilvs strauss'.