Transmission from Deep Deep Space: Masculine of Center Workwear Ritual, an excerpt from Episode 1!


by ilvs strauss, with gayest of contributions from Deep Lez and the rest of the crew.

Deep Space Lez is a 2-act provocative, queer sci-fi comedy play that addresses fluidity of gender, community and social responsibility, and lack of homeland for queer culture.

Set in the not so distant future, a trio of lesbians hell-bent on communal living have entered a galaxy wide Space Race with the intent on nabbing First Prize: a small, untouched planet. En route, they respond to a distress call from two lesbians who were stranded on Venus. These reluctant crew members soon become integral players as the ship finds itself in an all out crusade to save a cluster of nearby planets from untimely destruction. Thru feminist wisdom, guidance from the goddess, and a lot of processing over loose leaf tea, the crew must bridge generational gaps and diverging galactic views, navigate interplanetary romantic relationships, and settle on whose turn it is to buy bulk nutritional yeast, with the ultimate goal of making Space into Safe Space for all. 

Performed at Gay City's Calamus Auditorium APRIL 2017.


dress rehearsal photos by ilvs strauss, show photos by Reid Kuenner.