dea ex machina


2016 | 24"x36" average each image | paper, glue

Back in the day, Greeks would resolve their Greek tragedy plot issues with deus ex machina – literally lowering actors onto the stage from above by use of a giant machine. The actors played gods; whatever seemingly hopeless situation at hand was immediately solved by their intervention. Oh, to be ancient, Greek and tragic.

In these present times, when I write myself into a seemingly unsolvable corner, figuratively, tragically, there is, contrived or not, the real time wonder of being able to write myself out of said corner.

I write when I'm working on something, thinking about something, wanting to remember something, seeking clarity about something. It is the foundation of my artwork. My hand, the machine of my destiny, takes a pen and dries the ink of my thoughts on paper. These thoughts, in turn, morph into images, scenes, a silent narrative.

I use silhouettes to play with sense of self, scale to play with place in the world, perspective to, well, gain perspective on the notions of ancient/modern, goddess/mortal, tragic/comedic and the illusionary notion that they are opposites.

dea ex machina - 'goddess from a machine'